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Game News
Welcome to Immortal.  Use this site to connect with fellow guild mates, keep up with whats happening with the guild and sign up for contests. 


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How long have you been playing Spiral Knights:
Time played on average per day:
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Normal play hours(GMT):
Tier experience:
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Killed Jelly King?:
Killed Vanaduke at any time?:
Soloed your way to the core?:
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Please mail application through the in game mailing system to ign: Xethos.

Press ctrl+v to paste the application into an in game mail. 

Guild News

Contest winners

Xethos1, Oct 30, 11 3:17 PM.
Congratulations to Alexdn for winning the fan fiction contest and Aeon for winning the art contest.  Alex wins 200 ce for his submission and Aeon can claim his 400 ce when he starts playing again. More contests to come soon including weekly lottery and website activity contests with great prizes. 

100 members!

Xethos1, Oct 16, 11 7:34 PM.
After months of hard work and lots of applications we have finally hit the 100 mark! As promised Veteran nominations are up and a list of members i consider to be inactive and will be removing to make room for new recruits. Please take a look at it regularly. Next goal is getting over a 90 percent activity rate of our guild mates! 

New Officer Duties

Xethos1, Oct 15, 11 3:11 AM.
All officers are now required to get at least 3 new recruits a week. This only takes about 5 to 10 minutes a day to spam through out the havens that we are recruiting. If the quota is not met, your status as and officer will be up for review and you may be demoted to veteran or if you have not been an officer very long, back down to member status.  I'm not here all the time to see what my officers are up to or how they're helping and this gives hard evidence that they are putting in effort to help our guild grow. 

Mumble voice server is up!!!

Xethos1, Sep 1, 11 1:05 AM.
We now have a Mumble server up thanks to the hard work of our officer Shurkain. Look on the forums for the detailed instructions of how to set up Mumble and connect to the Immortal sk server. Hope to talk to all of you very soon :D 
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